Since Lemonce can be used on different operating systems, it is distributed as an installation file for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Download and Install


  • Visit Lemonce home-page and click Download Free Trial button or Download in the header to jump to to download page.
  • Choose the Windows Version.
  • Save the Lemonce installer to your computer, then open the file.
  • Install according to the prompt, double-click on the Lemonce icon when finishing installation.


  • The same with step 1 of Windows
  • Select the Mac version and download the zip file and unzip it
  • Double-click the Lemonce Editor to start ( Due to permission setting, some users may be blocked by the system when they open Lemonce Editor.You should remove the block first).


  • Same with the step 1 of Windows above.
  • Select Linux version and follow the installer’s instruction to complete installation.
  • Finally, Double-click on the Lemonce icon and start you test

Trial and Purchase


You can start the trial by simply three steps.

  • Click “Generate” to enter the license web page The license interface will show up when you first open Lemonce,and you need a “Serial Key” to start your test. Just click the “Generate” to enter the license web page from your default browser.

  • Get the “Serial Key” Click the CheckBox at the left of “Trial” to skip the process of “Order Number”.Input your email and captcha.Click to get a “Serial Key”.

  • Paste Serial Key to the license interface Copy the Serial Key and paste it to the license interface,and click to start your trial.


  • Click shopping cart icon in download page

  • Complete payment on the page of My Commerce

  • Input your Order Number and email to generate the Serial Key

  • Paste Serial Key to the license interface to activate Lemonce

Lemonce Interface

Lemonce is divided into four areas。

Menu bar

Located on the top including File,Edit,View and Help.

View bar && Side bar

View bar is located on the far left-hand side including three buttons to switch the view of Side bar, which can assist you while working on your project.

Editor Groups

The main area to edit your files. You can open as many as editors you want and you can also open Webview at one side while editing.

Output && Console panel

You can display different panels below the editor region for output or debug information or errors and warnings.