Product Positioning

Lemonce Selenium QTP
Works on all browsers Yes (v2.1) Yes No
Works on Mac OS / Windows / Linux Yes Yes No
Test every web applications Yes Yes Yes
Tool integration High Low High
Works on Chromium browser core & execution environment Yes No No
Webdriver required as executive agent No Yes No
Needs updates when browsers’ versions update No Yes Yes

Programming Language

Lemonce Selenium QTP
Proprietary language for web UI testing Yes No No
Ease of programming language learning Easy Average Average
Branches and cycle statements Yes Yes Yes

Record Test Case

Lemonce Selenium QTP
Select element by content Sizzle No No
Multiple ways to select elements Yes Yes No
Element selection methods CSS/Sizzle/Xpath CSS/Xpath Xpath
Default element selector CssPath Xpath Xpath
Select element in Iframe Yes No No
Auto-generate comments when recording Yes No No
Web action recording accuracy High Medium High
Intelligent waiting for web actions & page loading Yes No No

Edit Test Case

Lemonce Selenium QTP
Readability of codes generated by recorder High Low Low
Easy to modify auto-generated codes Yes No No
Reusable element bank Yes No Yes
Reusable sub-process library Yes No Yes
Import existing test cases to create new tests Yes No Yes
Reusability of code modules High Medium High

Run Test Case

Lemonce Selenium QTP
Playback accuracy High Medium High
Complete event dispatch Yes No Yes
Playback speed Fast Fast Slow
Inbuilt detailed logs and reports Yes Need Plug-in Yes
Report readability Easy Hard Easy
Error screenshot Yes Need Plug-in Yes


Lemonce Selenium QTP
Cost of building a test team Low High Low
Technical support Yes No Yes