Lemonce Editor is a great UI automation testing tool for web applications, and can become a better alternative to selenium. Automation testing tools are very popular and important in web development and testing industry, which will need to handle many functional and regression web tests. Even though Selenium is the most popular automated browser testing framework for web app development and testing, it has a lot of issues and problems in automated testing, especially with defects in cross browser testing. Selenium usually also requires heavy coding efforts to achieve multiple testing goals. Instead, Lemonce Editor requires minimal coding to perform complex tests for different types of web applications, and it has many advantages, ranging from reliable recoding/playback to writing test cases with ease. After you review and compare different automation testing tools, Selenium, and Lemonce, you will love Lemonce Editor, a great testing application tool and the best alternative to selenium.


(The above screenshot is the main interface of Lemonce Editor, one of the best web automation testing tools in market.)

As an easy-to-use automated testing tools for web applications, Lemonce Editor can overcome many challenges in Selenium, especially for handling complex and error-prone web testing tasks. As we know, the user interface of today’s web apps becomes more dynamic and complicated. It is not easy at all to precisely emulate many user actions on web UI. It is difficult to implement accurate and reliable record and playback testing. On the other hand, many legacy web systems are still running and they also need automation testing for maintenance and upgrade purposes. Many types of automation testing tools, selenium, and QTP cannot offer a convenient method or solution to perform web automation testing for those obsolete and legacy web applications developed more than ten years ago. For example, some old web applications designed with iframes. No matter an experienced tester wants to get a selenium automation testing solution on iframes, or a senior testing professional just hopes to find out a handy iframe handling utility from a manual testing tools list, mostly likely the results will be frustrating. Lemonce Editor will give testing teams a bright hope to handle iframe in browser test automation. Lemonce can be a codeless iframe testing tool even there are many web elements in multiple frames needed to be identified and located.

Some latest automation testing tools in market claim they have addressed major problems in selenium webdriver. In fact, most of them, including those so-called top 10 automation testing tools are still based on selenium framework. Unavoidably, the shortcomings of Selenium IDE or webdriver, will continue to bring some challenges in automated testing projects for web applications. Lemonce Editor uses its own automation testing framework including its unique and perfect driver, LemonceDriver, which can entirely solve many issues and problems in Selenium.

If you are looking for open source automation testing tools for web applications, or selenium-like testing software utility, it is recommended to evaluate Lemonce Editor, which offers free download with 30-day free trial period. The free version is available after the full functionality evaluation period ends, so it is an amazing option for individual testers. Also, Lemonce development team will also present some opensource solutions for web app testing on github. After the evaluation and reviews on this great testing software, it is believed that you will put Lemonce Editor in your automation testing tools list, and definitely, it will be the top recommendation for web application testing.

When testers need to make a decision to choose cheap automation testing tools, open source QA test software, or automation browser testing freeware, there will be a very key factor coming out, that is, less coding required. So, if there is an affordable automated testing tools for web applications and testers are not required to spend much time to learn and write a test case, they absolutely will choose the commercial version of automation testing software, which can help them save time and efforts. Obviously, it is understandable that time is money! Lemonce Editor is such an inexpensive testing tool, which only needs minimum workload on coding to achieve complicated testing goals. You may check the low price product list on the license page.

If you are planning to evaluate some gui automation testing tools for web applications, please don’t hesitate to download Lemonce Editor, which has a powerful testing toolkit, code editor, and its own LemonceDriver that is similar to selenium webdriver. Please click the following online download link:

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Who will need Lemonce Editor as an auto testing tool for web apps?

1. A test studio or test team

A test team or an outsourcing test company usually needs to have a list of automation testing tools for desktop applications (e.g. for microsoft dynamics crm 365), mobile apps, or even embedded systems. Definitely, web automation testing tools will be more frequently-used and most important because web apps and projects will be developed and updated quickly nowadays, and there are a great deal of regression and functional testing needs generated. So, a test team will pay more attention on choosing web app testing tools than other types of automation testing tools. Particularly, mobile electronic devices are very popular everywhere, mobile automation testing tools are needed to test android apps for mobile devices including cell phones and tablets, and ios apps for iphone and ipad. A test studio need automated testing tools for mobile apps, as long as they can perform virtual mobile testing on desktop computers.

Usually, a testing team will choose the best one from a list of automation test tools for web applications, which should meet such following criteria:

  • Selenium Alternative: The automation tool can become a great selenium alternative, which can not only have selenium testing features, but also solve problems in selenium web driver, IDE, etc.

  • Minimal Coding Required: The testing software can automate browser testing with accurate recording and playback, as well as with less-coding or codeless automation process.

  • Automatic Operation and Reusable Modules: The testing utility can run test cases automatically, and all testing processes and modules can be reusable when users need create a new test suite.

  • Work With All Web Applications: The automation testing software can work with all web applications including legacy web apps. At least automation testing tools for mobile applications can perform virtual mobile tests on desktop computers.

  • Detailed Testing Reports: The qualified software candidate is capable to automate testing tools to generate detailed reports and logs for each test suite that is executed.

  • Cross platforms: The testing software tool must be platform agnostic. For example, some teams need automation testing tools for Mac, Linux, not limited on Microsoft Windows platforms. (Indeed, there is less automated testing tools for mac machines in market.)

  • Easy-to-Use: The automated testing software can be easy to master and deploy with low learning cost. You may compare different automation testing tools, selenium, and manual testing solutions, and then you will know which one is the most efficient and easiest.

Lemonce Editor can meet all the above criteria to become the best automation testing selenium alternative tool. If your team feels tired of writing test cases based on Selenium, it is recommended to put Lemonce Editor in the list of automation testing tools for web applications.

Even though there are many online cloud-testing services, such as amazon automated software testing service, are available online, but many professional development and testing companies still don’t want to use a web based automation testing tool for security reasons, because they don’t want to put their codes as “open sources” publicly or contribute their internal development and testing methods to outside big data cloud companies. So, most testing teams would still like to use client software tools, such as Lemonce Editor, to run automatic web tests in house. Lemonce Team will also plan to launch cloud-based automation testing services in future according to the market demands for web-based online testing services.

2. A testing expert or experienced testing professional

No matter you are a freelance testing consultant or experienced tester, you need a handy testing automation tool for your individual testing career. Besides the above criteria for a great automated testing tool, one key issue to choose the best automation testing tools is the price. An experienced individual testing professional neither want to spend much time to read automation testing tutorial pdf to learn how to write a test case, nor spend much money to buy an automated test tool from market.

Lemonce Editor Product options cover free download, free version, open source solutions and cheap price of a commercial license. Unlike other free automated testing tools for web applications, Lemonce Editor free version has no hidden cost. When the free trial period ends, you can continue to use the program freely.

An individual tester can use its 30-day free trial option to evaluate the automation testing program before the purchase. And the commercial version is also very affordable. Usually top web automation testing tools are very expensive and cost one thousand dollar per user license, but Lemonce Editor costs only US$299 per license, and the unit price will drop to US$89.99 if you buy 100 users. Therefore, among all web application automation testing tools which offer commercial version, Lemonce editor is the most cost-effective web test software. Most experienced testers understand open source automated testing tools for web applications usually require much workload on coding to create and edit complicated test cases and test suites. So a cheap testing tool will be welcome for individual testing professional.

A testing expert or consultant must know which automation testing tool is in demand in 2017, and also may point out some recommendation websites, which will present a popular automation testing tools list. But most likely they may not know about Lemonce Editor, because it is released in 2017 and brings a lot of great features with cheap pricing. You may evaluate and compare it with other website automation testing tools, and you should agree it will become the most popular browser testing tool in the future.

3. A beginner tester or a newbie in a testing team

Every test beginner must learn one or two types of browser automation testing tools. “Easy to Learn” will be a favorite feature for a beginner tester. As we know, a tester will perform tests across different platforms for web applications designed by various programming languages and scripts, such as Java, python, c#, Java, .Net etc.. And for selenium automation testing projects, testers must manually write many test cases, that is, heavy testing coding is required. So usually, testers have to learn some in-depth programming languages and skills. It will be very time-consuming and difficult for testing beginners, who must attend many automation testing courses and read a lot of documentations or pdf tutorials.

Surely, Lemonce Editor is an easy to learn and use. Usually, Lemonce can automatically generate codes and notes when it records a test, so you may get a test case without any coding. And you may also use its editor to modify and edit test cases, and import reusable testing modules to quickly create more complicated test suits. Lemonce’s script language, LemonCase2 can describe test case with plain English commands. With simple and intuitive syntax, LemonCase2 is able to emulate user actions precisely, so the test cases look more readable with high maintainability. It is very easy to learn for beginner testers who don’t need to grasp advanced coding skills and other programming languages. Starting with codeless automation testing tools, a newbie tester will have a full landscape of automation testing. With Lemonce, testers are capable to run coding-free testing projects, and also have chances to learn to create coding-less complex projects with it simple and intuitive code editor and LemonCase2.

In addition, beginners in the web application testing industry still need to prepare for automation testing interview questions when they apply for a job. Those questions may include selenium automation testing framework, selenium issues and problems, as well as latest automated testing tools for web applications. Some knowledge can be learned from automating testing courses in a testing engineering institute, but some must be from real experience of studding a new testing tool. Especially, if you can talk something about Lemonce Editor, a new amazing and outstanding testing tool for webapp, it will show your professionalism and your familiarity to the automation testing industry during interviews because you even have much knowledge of the latest automation testing tool. This will certainly help you get some great offers of automation testing jobs.

In summary, Lemonce Editor is the best automation testing tool for web applications. This great alternative to selenium has many advantages, even compared with the well-known ones which boast themselves as top-ten automated testing tools. With Lemonce Editor, you may forget many difficult challenges in selenium, and don’t need tedious steps and waste much time to write testing codes anymore, so that you can complete testing projects easily and efficiently. And all the functional and regression testing process for web applications will be seamlessly integrated to the web app system development. All testing team members will agree a great testing tool can improve the cooperation with web app developers and make all projects run more smoothly.

If you are looking for automation testing tools for web applications online, please go to Lemonce.com to get a free download to install and evaluate the great testing program no matter you need automation testing tools for mac, windows or linux. As more and more testing professionals know and use Lemonce Editor, it will become the most demanding automation testing tool.