Save the current URL.

process main {
    jumpto "https://www.google.com/";
    log #HREF;


$BUTTON = left/middle/right

Simulate the three kinds of mouse click. By setting $BUTTON with left/middle/right, you can simulate left click, middle click, or right click.

//This is a sub process simulating right-click with $BUTTON.
process rightclick(a) {
    $BUTTON = "right";
    click a;


Save the selector of an element in the page.

process main () {
    jumpto "https://www.google.com/"; // Jump to Google
    $IT = "#gs_htif0"; // Assign CSSselector of search bar of Google.com to $IT.
    click ; // The object of click action is $IT in default, so the search bar will be clicked.
    click 'input[value=Google Search]'; // Change the value of $IT from '#gs_htif0' to 'input[value=Google Search]', that is, change the value when the CSS selector shows up next time. 


Save the current times of loop, often used with #TIMES.

// the case will run three times.
process main () {
    jumpto "https://www.google.com/";
    wait 500;
    log $LOOP; // Runs 3 times and output 0,1,2 respectively.