Generate Complex Test Suites with Minimal Coding


  • Create most test cases without coding through accurate recordings
  • Record every web action with high web UI recognition
  • Generate readable codes and comments automatically when recording
  • Accurately capture element path with multiple selection methods
  • Generate selector for elements in Iframe without entering or leaving Iframe.

Code Editor

  • Enhance and improve recordings & test suites without coding skill
  • Easy to edit & modify readable codes generated by recorder
  • Import reusable test cases & components easily
  • Different selectors such as CSS,XPath and Sizzle can be used. read more

Programming language - Lemoncase2

  • Inbuilt in Lemonce Editor
  • Describe almost all user actions with only 20+ commands in plain English
  • Simplify test case coding with a simple syntax structure
  • High readability: easy to understand, maintain, and modify
  • Simple and intuitive syntax: easy to learn, advanced coding skills not required
  • High level language: achieve more programming goals with less coding workload

Perform Reliable Playback and Smooth Test Execution

LemonceDriver - A Better Alternative to Selenium WebDriver

  • Support direct cross-domain testing for both public web contents and local components (e.g.IFrame)
  • Support IFrame penetration to manipulate components inside multiple iframes without writing extra scripts read more
  • Accurately simulate user interaction with any web app
  • Achieve exact mouse emulation to trigger CSS hover
  • Play back complete mouse movements and trails with context action
  • Support “drag and drop” operations on element/content
  • Support browser popup testing (e.g. alert popup window)
  • Support “upload file” action testing
  • Support http/https testing
  • Set Chromium as browser core
  • No required to install browser extensions or add-ons to execute tests
  • Support device-oriented programming

Optimize Testing Projects with Detailed Reports & Logs

Rich Reports & Bug-Tracking Logs

  • Log browser debugging information
  • Generate test logs for every step in test cases
  • Take a screenshot of every error step when a test fails

Test Automation for Every Web App With Ease

Device & User Friendly

  • Work on Windows, Mac and Linux machines
  • Support for any virtual mobile web app testing
  • Build work space on local system to let users easily have access to all testing data
  • Extenstions or add-on free installation
  • Easy to use for every web tester
  • Free version for individual testers and open source option for developers
  • Affordable licensed version for testing teams; 30-day free trial available with full functionality