This guide helps you with step-by-step instructions on how to create a web test project with Lemonce editor. You will learn how to record a test script, create an assertion, run a test and view test reports.

Create a test case

create in menu bar

You can create new test cases from the toolbar or use the shortcut key , and you need to create a path to save each test case.

create in case editor tool bar

You can also create new test cases by click the button of case editor, in which case you need to create a path to save.

create in work space

The work space is associated with local file system,in which any changes about the cases such as create,rename or remove, will be synchronized […]

Use of recorder

record scripts

Before recording begins, you need to click on the middle of the bracket of Process main to ensure that the code is generated in the correct position[…]

create an assertion while recording

In recording, press the CTRL and select the very page elements with the mouse, you can automatically add assertion statement.

play back the recorded steps

Click the record button again to end the recording. Click the play button to begin playback of the recording process.

Complete a test suite

create test suite in work space

Similar to creating a test case, test suite can be created in the work space, in order to facilitate the management of the cases.

one key to output test suite

You can export the test case in the editing area as a whole test suite according to the current order of the cases.

activate test suite

In the Suite section, double click the selected test suite, you can activate it to the Opening section for editing.

edit test suite

Double click the test suite in Opening section, then you can choose from the Case Lib to add test cases to the current suite which shows in […]

View test reports

The test report is divided into three areas. The case-area lists all of the test cases for the entire test task, the contents of the log-area and the code-area […]